Dear SPC Adriatics friends and sponsors,

After two successful SPC Adriatic conferences in 2012 and 2013, it is a pleasure to announce a brand new SharePoint and Project Conference Adriatics! This time, it will be in October. Again in Zagreb, again in the Aristos Conference Center.

When we organized the first two SPC Adriatics conferences, we have never dared to hope about such a positive feedback that we received. Over 200 participants (our logistic maximum), among them deciders from almost all large companies which are running SharePoint in the region. In 2013, more than 40 sessions were delivered by the world class speakers, in four tracks. The overall content rating, based on the feedback forms, was 4.5 out of 5 stars. 100% of the attendees have stated that they would attend the conference again next year. This figures alone show that SPC Adriatics is a right thing to do, and that there is a huge interest in SharePoint and Microsoft Project in the Adriatics region. Zagreb (the capital of Croatia) has proven to be an ideal conference site: the conference attracted the participants from Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia, but also from Austria, Hungary, Italy and Germany.

Crowd in session  Microsoft supports us: Tomislav at the SPC Adriatics opening!

 Compliance, governance and operations

And now, it is a time to move forward. On 15th and 16th October 2014, the third SPC Adriatics will be organized, again in Zagreb. This year, the focus will shift slightly to the business aspects. Decision makers and end users will be able to see and to discuss the exciting new features, and opportunities which they can bring to their businesses. Important topics will be compliance, governance and operations, on premise, as well as in the cloud.
Of course, technical sessions will not be neglected! There will be a broad range of “deep dive”, “use case” and “best practices” sessions, divided among development and IT Pro tracks, which will deal with real life technical issues and challenges.

Again, more than 40 sessions will be offered, divided in four tracks: Business, IT Pro, Development and Project. Since cloud computing is a mainstream nowadays, cloud related sessions will be distributed among those tracks.

Dan. Making a point!  Speaker crowd.

SPC Adriatics Business Club

The SPC Adriatics Business Club, which we have started the last year, will again be an integral and important part of the conference. The SPC Adriatics Business Club is a permanent place at the conference site (in the Aristos Conference Center Lounge), where the participants, sponsors and speakers can meet in a nice business ambient. It offers a possibility for the sponsors to engage with the participants – among them will be a significant number of decision makers from some of the largest companies from the Adriatics region. The SPC Adriatics Business Club will this year gain further on importance, since the conference focus is well adjusted with the idea of the Business Club.

Meeting in the SPC Adriatics Business Club  Sahil. Agreeing.

With all this in mind, SharePoint and Project Conference Adriatics is an ideal possibility for sponsors to target companies from the Adriatics region (Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, but also Austria, Italy and Hungary).
So, please find attached a document with the sponsoring opportunities. We would be very happy to hear from you, and to work together with you on organizing the conference, which will get at least an equally positive feedback, as SPC Adriatics conferences in 2012 and 2013 did. Let us make this conference a unique and excellent SharePoint, Project and Office 365 gathering, where important topics will be discussed and great business contacts will be made.

Sincerely yours,

Organization board:

Nenad Trajkovski (Microsoft MVP Project – Croatia)
Toni Frankola (Microsoft MVP SharePoint Server – Croatia)
Adis Jugo (Microsoft MVP SharePoint Server – Bosnia/Germany)